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Often times, criminal litigation matters require psychological involvement. Having over four decades of courtroom experience, Clayman & Associates offers assessments that are trusted in both state and federal courts. Our pursuit of the bases for making decisions is exhaustive, which has led to what we perceive as success—long-term reliance on our assessments to help in making legal decisions. Our approach is affirmed in many jurisdictions, where all parties involved agree for us to provide uncontested single evaluations or to serve as a tie-breaker when there has been a disagreement among other experts. 

Clayman & Associates offers accurate, comprehensive evaluations of defendants, combining the best of clinical, actuarial and historical data. We provide thoroughly analyzed assessments that help both judges and juries make objective legal decisions. 

Issues addressed in criminal litigation may include, but are not limited to:

Competency to Stand Trial
Criminal Responsibility
Diminished Capacity
Risk Assessment
Competency to Understand Miranda Rights
Competency to Waive Rights
Sentencing Recommendations
Competency to Refuse an Insanity Defense
Sexual Offender
Competency to Accept a Plea
Transfer to Adult Status
Violence Risk

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