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Pre-Employment Screening

Hiring a new employee is truly an investment for any company. Employers must decide which applicant to invite into the company based upon past professional experience, education and a number of other factors. One of the most important challenges employers will face is who to entrust with the company’s reputation and bottom line. The quality and caliber of individuals that your organization employs reflects on the company itself and the company’s brand. 

Beyond the immediate costs associated with a new hire investment, employers must take into account long-term costs, especially in the case of making a hiring mistake. Hiring mistakes cost companies countless thousands of dollars—including:

Additional recruiting costs
An estimated three-to-five times the mis-hire’s annual salary
Hiring manager’s time and effort
Damaged/broken client relationships

Hiring mistakes over time can oftentimes lead to the overall success or failure of your company. One way to avoid a mis-hire is by more realistically making an assessment about a potential hire through conducting pre-employment screenings. 

Clayman & Associates uses a customized, thorough and proven process to identify your needs and to carefully examine potential applicants against the requirements of your organization, providing insight into that individual beyond a resume or personal statement—beyond the surface value. 

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