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The question often arises as to whether an individual is capable of working based upon an assessment of both physical and mental issues. Accordingly, we provide information to help decision makers determine whether a claimant who has applied for benefits meets the terms of a policy contract or entitlement program. We use multiple sources of information for each area assessed. 

We offer expertise consistent with our other areas of service with evaluations addressing private disability insurance, workers compensation and social security disability. We also assess functional limitations that include the interaction between psychological and physical variables and the degree to which this may temporarily or permanently prevent someone from working. 

Clayman & Associates provides thorough evaluations. Elements of a disability assessment include: 

Is there a condition?
Are there functional impairments related to this condition?
Do these functional impairments affect capacity?

We have a thorough knowledge of ADA guidelines. In consideration of the guidelines, we make recommendations that will allow the employer to accommodate the employee to return to work, or if it is to the point that the employee is no longer capable of functioning in that capacity. 

There are instances in which a claimant might be dissatisfied or hostile. In dealing with a hostile client, we at Clayman & Associates require an unhurried discussion of the consultation. This gives the client ample opportunity to express his/her feelings about the case and the current situation. Concerns are met with a focused intent to solidify the importance of those concerns and to assure that they will be addressed throughout the evaluation process. Our assessments are completed with the highest regard for respect for all parties involved.

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